If you don’t have a costume yet, let me spark your imagination with these eight ideas for topical costumes.

Topical Costume for 2009: Cap'n Trade
Topical Costume for 2009: Cap'n Trade

1. Cap and Trade (couple’s costume) or Cap’n Trade

2. The Box that Balloon Boy Hid In

3. The Public Option

4. Drew’s Cancer

5. Chair of the Nobel Peace Prize Selection Committee

6. Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

7. The Inexplicable Success of the Snuggie

8. The Weak Dollar

Or, if you’re not feeling topical, perhaps try an Internet meme costume.

Aaron Gotwalt has posted a video of what may be the best costume ever.

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  1. Lots of good ideas here! There is a retail chain in New York called Ricky’s NYC that has a ton of fun costume ideas, including some you discussed here. You can check it out online.

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