3 thoughts on “Explain your position on an issue

  1. One of my “issues” is artists who have no online presence. How do you explain this when the perpetrators don’t use the platform you are talking about? It’s free, fairly easy, and a great way to market yourself.
    OK, now I know what my blog post for tomorrow might be. Thanks Daniel!

  2. Yes, but Daniel, if you’re the public face (both IRL and online) of a business, couldn’t voicing opnions on politics and religion in particular negatively affect (or is it effect?) you business? i know that I see independent business owners and salesmen making political comments about thigs I fervently disagree with and that lessens my desire to do business with them. Making personal opinions from a business “account” on social media could hurt.

    In my business, there are a lot of people that have personal blogs, FB & Twitter accounts and they are very clear these represent them and not their business, but I don’t see that that often around here… I see lots of FB and tweets from business accounts touting personal opinions on debatable subjects with no disclaimers; and to me that can be a pretty dicey situation, especially if you are dependent on getting new and repeat clients.

    Sam 🙂

  3. Sam, you are wise to advise caution for business owners and spokespersons. I still think it is important for business owners, as business owners, to have strong positions on some issues. For instance, I think your ongoing explanations of the importance of patronizing local shops is wonderful and necessary.

    You’re also very right to remind people not to confuse their personal positions with positions that are appropriate for them to advocate under the guise of their business.

    Wendy, thanks as always for your comment. I appreciate the advocacy you do to get more artists and artisans online. Now that you have written that blog post, maybe it would make sense to print it out and take it along to shows and events where other artists will be gathering? Perhaps you should use a mimeograph machine for that.

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