Here is the Lancaster City Police Department’s “Top 10 Warrant List of Persons, ”for the week of December 6, a list of the most wanted criminals in Lancaster, PA.

Thanks for the lively discussion (in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter) about last week’s most wanted list. The strong consensus was that the police department’s list is an embarrassment. Lancaster's Most WantedLancaster has a crime problem, and the only people the police need our help to find are folks with a lot of parking tickets.

I don’t know why police chief Keith Sadler generates the “most wanted” list in this way, and I hope someone interviews him soon to find out. Perhaps our city cops like to think they have the violent cases under control, and that it’s instead those darn bad parkers who elude their detectives.

For now, I’ll continue reposting the most wanted list and allow you to make up your own mind about it… and encourage you to speak your mind in the comments.

Week of DECEMBER 6, 2009
1 Thomas Tyshon 400 Blk Judie Ln 3 open container, 3 public drunk, 3 purchase alcohol by minor, 1 noise ordinance, 2 disorderly conduct
2 Fritsch Tina 300 Blk N. Queen St. 20 parking
3 Knight Regina 1700 Blk Judie Lane 27 parking
4 Rhoads-Coulson Cara 600 Blk W. Lemon St. 15 parking, 1 trespassing
5 Ortiz AKA Ortiz-Ocasio Maria 100 Blk E. King St. 30 parking, 1 compulsory school, 1 trespassing
6 Morales Jecy AKA Jessica 200 Blk Chester St. 15 parking, 1 driving without a license
7 Burgos AKA Adorno-Burgos Hector 200 Blk W. Strawberry St. 36 parking, 1 driving during suspension
8 Vereen Stacy 600 Blk N. 10th St., Reading 28 parking
9 Sides Laura 200 Blk Hawthorne Dr 10 parking
10 Sharpe AKA Spiotto Tina 800 Blk W. Main St, Ephrata 13 parking
Please contact 717-735-1791 with any information on these persons’ location or e-mail:

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