Lancaster's Most WantedEach week the Lancaster City Police Department posts a “Top 10 Warrant List of Persons,” a list of the most wanted criminals in Lancaster, PA. As you might expect, it’s mostly about parking tickets.

Today I’m kicking off a new category on this blog, Public Safety, with what I expect will be a weekly reposting of the city police department’s most wanted.

Week of NOVEMBER 29, 2009
1 Boas Antoinette 400 Blk S. Ann St. 10 parking, 11 compulsory school
2 Colon Pedro 200 Blk W Mifflin St. 18 parking, 1 abandoned vehicle
3 Stewart Alice 700 Blk S. Lime 22 parking, 1 compulsory school
4 Stewart Tyshai 400 Blk Pershing Ave 17 parking, 1 occupation tax
5 Tankesley Donald 100 Blk E. James St. 13 parking
6 Chance Shanay 400 Blk N. Prince St. 17 parking
7 Hardy Diane 200 Blk Juniata St. 12 parking, 1 abandoned vehicle
8 Jones Leonard 400 Blk Union St., Columbia 25 parking
9 Volland Alyena 300 Blk Winding Hill Dr. 13 parking, 1 speeding, 1 public drunkenness, 1 retail theft
10 Sweet Anthony North 17th St., Harrisburg 12 parking, 1 public drunkenness, 1 disorderly conduct
Please contact 717-735-1791 with any information on these persons’ location or e-mail:


I am also planning future entries looking for trends in local crime data.

3 thoughts on “Lancaster’s Most Wanted, Nov. 29

  1. So, let me understand this. Muggings, shootings, stabbings, and gang warfare are regularly reported in the city, but those on this “list of the most wanted criminals in Lancaster, PA” are wanted for parking tickets? To all who have worked and are working so hard to revitalize Lancaster and make it a place that is as culturally vital as it has the potential to be: it isn’t going to happen on a large scale until our Mayor and our Police Department rethinks their priorities. Oh, but it will be nice when Mayor Gray has trolleys running through the streets…

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