5 thoughts on “Put Lancaster on the FourSquare map

  1. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help 🙂

    I will say, after getting hooked on Gowalla, I’m starting to come around to Foursquare. Even though I like the look and feel and polish of Gowalla, I think the game aspect of Foursquare is a bit more fun. I think Gowalla needs to develop theirs a bit more to make it more interactive. I do think they are working on this, so I will probably continue to use both services until I see their next moves.

    And sadly, I have pretty much stopped using Brightkite, which I used steadily for almost two years. The time they spent offline after the glitch with their site, along with these newer services have pushed Brightkite to the 4th screen of my iPod. They were the ones who introduced me to geolocation fun though, so I will always respect them for that.

  2. Daniel, it’s funny that you posted this today. I just sent out a message on Twitter and Facebook (which you probably saw) asking who else was using Foursquare. I was a bit surprised that the only person that answered was Adam Chlan. Where were you by the way? I have been using Brightkite off and on for a while now, but Foursquare has gotten a lot of press recently, so I thought I’d give it a try too.

    As for uses and benefits of geolocation apps, other then making your stalkers job easier, they can be helpful for social events. Every year a group of friends and I do a pub crawl on St. Paddy’s day, so as we go from one pub to the next I check in at each location and anyone that wants to catch up with us knows where to find us. So, look for us this March if you want to grab a Paddy’s day pint.

  3. As a BlackBerry user, Foursquare offers a very simple mobile site for web checkins as well. They also promise an app for us soon as well. So just an FYI that anyone with browser capability can play.

    I’m seriously researching the Droid.

    Daniel, I should have known you are a closet Waffle House rowdy. LoL!

  4. I think that geolocation services are just getting started. Churn on mobile phones is about 18 months, so in the next year or so, we’ll see event the most basic phone have a decent browser and GPS.

    I don’t think it’s fair to think that there needs to be one service to rule them all — use what works for you depending on what you are doing. For example, I’d never post to Twitter via the Gowalla app (too clunky), you can’t post a photo to Twitter from foursquare like Brightkite does. I can’t get directions from any of them and a mapping app can’t tell me what bar is popular tonight.

    A lot of the current appeal is the newness and the small number of people we mutually know who are out there “founding” new spots. I imagine regional favorites will quickly take hold and locally we’ll have a favorite based on who the majority of people in our social circles have migrated to. Your favorite app might not have even been released yet. Who knows?

  5. As a commuter from NYC to my home in Lancaster, I’m looking forward to putting it on the map. I could use a few mayorships until more people pick up on it. It’s touch here in NYC, as most of the places are already up. Has anyone talked to businesses yet about giving discounts to Mayor’s in Lancaster yet?

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