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19 East King, bank drive-through. Future site of a Subway.
19 East King, bank drive-through. Future site of a Subway.

Tim Mekeel reports in today’s Intell that a Subway restaurant is building a new building downtown near the square so that it has somewhere to move into. It will be just east of the vacant Amazon Cafe storefront and just west of the vacant 21 East King storefront. The Subway will go where an abandoned bank drive-through currently sits.

There are some obvious negatives here: it’s a chain restaurant, it’s new construction on a block in need of renovations, and the storefront windows are going to be full of loud, annoying corporate advertisements. Not to mention that there was a Subway restaurant that is now the Green Man Cafe downtown, and hasn’t been renovated to look like anything other than a Subway restaurant.

Do you think there are positives that outweigh those negatives? Will you be eating at the downtown Subway? Where will you go instead? (Isaac’s, which also serves sandwiches, is local, and is just around the corner?)

2 thoughts on “Subway to build new building to move into downtown

  1. Not a fan of this idea at all. There are so few chain restaurants in the city as it is, and I believe that however subtly and/or subconsciously, this exclusivity has a very positive Buy Fresh Buy Local psychological bearing on city residents/goers.

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