Lancaster County Twitter users (or, if you prefer, Tweeps, Twitterati, Twitterfolk, Twitterers, or Tweeters) had a field day with last night’s first presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, hosted by Jim Lehrer.

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Here are highlights, in chronological order. The conversation started around 3 p.m.:

ericrasmussen I wonder what John McCain will say tonight

Zoidland McCain is preemptively declaring himself the winner of tonight’s debate. Now THAT’S chutzpah: (Thanks @GrammarGirl !)

WITFNews Tonight’s debate is at 9 o’clock. You can hear it on WITF 89.5 or watch it on WITF-TV.

adamhann check this out, endless tweets about the election ->

claytonmorris I want to play a debate drinking game. We’ll drink each time we hear the words “change” and “country first.”

seagoat Psyched for the debate. Got my basic cable all set up, no booze though. I’ll remedy that shortly

ethand_local Looking forward to Damon’s debate party tonight with the mccain meetup

WGAL Obama, McCain To Debate Amid Financial Crisis : Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are set to debate Friday ..

600reviewer Twitter the debate! Check

ethand_local Damons to loud heading to franks house

…And then the debate began at 9 p.m….:

sarx Debate time! 🙂 woo.

Chorazin Damn, Obama knows how to work the camera!

jtkendall watching the debate. It sounds to me like McCain is just rewording what Obama just said, adding a few things, but parrot-like in nature.

600reviewer Too much Ike already!  [note: this was about 9:04]

600reviewer Where is McCain’s lapel pin? How unpatriotic

quixado “Festooned!” Triple word score for McCain.

kmueller62 @danielklotz their mouths are moving, but i’m not hearing much

600reviewer Wasn’t Palin Miss Congenliality?

quixado Wonder how long until “” is registered.

kmueller62 looks like Jim Lehrer is winning the debate

danielklotz This debate could be much more interesting:

sarx Terrorists. Take a shot.

rubyred_x My kid said her teacher is voting for McCain. Then she said “Probably because they both have the same weird saggy neck”.

danielklotz Did Obama just say “orgy”?

Knownhuman Orgy of spending! I’ll drink to that!

quixado 38 minutes in to first mention of “maverick.”

kmueller62 Obama’s numbers don’t seem to add up…

danielklotz $10 billion a month in Iraq means the bailout is the same price as 5 years, 10 months of military operation in Iraq, right?

seagoat I’m not even sure who is winning the debate at this point.

…About 10 p.m….:

icelander I’m not even drinking alcohol. THAT’S how little I care about the debate. Somebody @ me if McCain calls Obama uppity.

jtkendall spinning fox news logo … stop spinning. You add nothing to the debate.

kmueller62 btw, check out tomorrow to help cut thru the spin

ethand Obama needs a new word other than “brilliantly”

sarx ‘john, i got a point. I’ve got a bracelet too’

ScottSkiba Each candidate seems to be playing to their already decided base. I’m not hearing anything we haven’t heard numerous times previously.

600reviewer @scottskiba I couldn’t agree more! Rehash of the old and nothing new!

icelander @ScottSkiba Thus the reason I’m ignoring the debate in favor of cleaning my basement.

GuyTessler Playing to emotions and patriotism is escape of last resort when reason dissapears

danielklotz Waziristan: Who Knew?

600reviewer McCain is just snide & is acting like my crabby old Uncle John

danielklotz Again I say, being willing to talk with someone is not the same as being willing to sit down *at the table* with them.

kmueller62 @danielklotz but obamas previous statements are clearly postured in sitting down at the table. and he seriously misquoted kissinger

ethand Oh snap McCain is trouncing now

Chorazin LOOK AT OBAMA MCCAIN! You look so intimidated, like the frail old man you are. Give him your respect.

danielklotz McCain looked into Putin’s eyes and saw letters from the Latin alphabet.

danielklotz I like Obama’s policy toward Russia. It has two neat little points. Whew, I’m so relieved it isn’t a complex and nuanced policy.

danielklotz Go McCain! Preach it on never torturing anyone ever again. That’s the kind of stand you used to make, and what could make you great again.

kmueller62 well. i’m unimpressed with what i’m hearing from either side. empty rhetoric.

seagoat I think McCain is winning.

Chorazin I KNEW that McCain couldn’t go the entire debate without mentioning being a PoW!

kmueller62 and…its over. yawn

adamhann wow, that was interesting, didn’t help me figure out who I want to vote for yet

600reviewer I call it a draw, actuall

TRezendes Didn’t get to watch the debate, but almost feel like I did since almost my entire list of followers was tweeting about it. And I recorded it.

quixado Thought it was awesome I had a tweet on during the debate on @current.

danielklotz What was your most memorable moment from the debate? For me, it’s going to be the tit-for-tat about the bracelets. Awesomely flaky.

600reviewer I can’t WAIT to read the Tweets about the Biden – Palin debate.

TRezendes When’s the next debate? We should have a party. Or at least go to a bar.

Chorazin @barackObama owned this debate. Great job!

StationeryinPA What-the-heck-ISTAN??

BodyworksLancPA buried in debate analysis

TannerTrosper Debate Reaction: Neither man gave even a respectable answer regarding the state of our economy.

adamhann welp, not going to solve the worlds problems tonight, so I’m heading to bed.

quixado @TRezendes I’m for debate parties. Next one is the VP debate on 10.02.

jaytran well that was a boring debate. anyone agree? what are they doing? makes no sense to me I wish one of them would say something worth our time

justashcraft I started watching the debate tonight and could not stand how they would not answer the question asked of them.

seagoat Everyone that is defending Obama’s performance right now and trying to spin it makes me eternally sad.

…About 1 a.m….:

LancasterNews Local analysts consider presidential debate a tie: Local pundits believe the first presidential deb..