9 thoughts on “Should Lancaster Use Social Media?

  1. I think you are right on. I’ve been using social media for years for a variety of tasks and purposes. I now use it heavily, particularly Facebook, as a major part of my marketing efforts for WXPN here in Central PA. It’s an effective and inexpensive way of reaching targeted markets rather quickly with your message. And the viral nature of social media has allowed me to see how interconnected my world really is!

    I think the only question is how rapidly social media will take hold for these purposes. As you mentioned, the average age of those using Facebook and other social media (though I personally don’t take LinkedIn very seriously) is climbing. More of us “older” folks are climbing on board, and of course the initial target market of Facebook (college students) are now graduating and moving into the workforce, and it is THESE folks that will probably be at the forefront of integrating their online social media with real world workforce applications.

    It is very exciting and I look forward to seeing how this all shapes up in an ever-changing and evolutionary technological landscape.

  2. Hi Daniel!

    As you know, I am brand spankin’ new to the social media world…and LOVING it…particularly for business contacts.

    In our busy lives it’s important to connect any way we can…and, of course, to express ourselves a bit!

    I do hope that all forms of Social Media Marketing continue to grow and thrive. We have to stay current and this is the right way to do just that…by the second…how exciting!

  3. Interesting blog post Daniel. Social Media Marketing is the wave of the future – the sooner businesses and organizations recognize that the better. Those that don’t will surely be left behind. Max and I actually teach a class at the library for small businesses looking to dive into Online Social Networking and Media Marketing. I’m always surprised at the response. I think people are finally catching on and realizing how powerful it is!

  4. Right on man! It’s crazy to see the growth in this space over the past few years. It definitely seems as though social media is crossing the chasm into main stream. I’m waste deep in it every day and am just starting to appreciate the fact that social media is really encouraging and expanding physical relationships. Looking forward to getting some Lancaster tweetups going! 🙂

  5. Hey great post,

    I have met some great folks in Lancaster via twitter and facebook. Last night I was at Quips and ran into a guy who I follow on twitter. Back when I began following local tweeters there were only 6 of us, now there are over 140 and more joining everyday.

    Lancaster is quickly developing a tech niche and the social networks are helping link those people together.

    See you around the internetz 🙂

  6. Thank you all for the affirmative and insightful comments. Ken, I wonder if XPN’s rapid permeation of the Central PA market would have been possible–even at greater expense–without social networking.

    Anne, it seems social networking is such a different animal from traditional marketing that it will either force a paradigm shift in the field, or else force “social networking” and “marketing” to break apart. Is that overstating things?

    Becky, I think we all owe a debt of gratitude to the early adopters of social networking in our community, including Ethan and Kyle here. It’s great to hear that social networking is helping your business prosper–and helping customers find what you have to offer them.

  7. Good stuff. I hear that the paradigm in marketing has shifted & that social media is the map to the future of marketing; source: Groundswell.

    I appreciate your posts and came here through your post about the 1st presidential debate. Take care.

    Obama 08

  8. Very good local information. More and more of my local clients are asking me how they can use Social Media for their small business.
    I have seen fantastic results in a short period of time. especially when their competition is lagging behind.

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