Local Resolutions Part 25 of 29

This is the twenty-fifth in a series of 29 ways to help your local community online in 2010. If you missed it, you may wish to read the introductory post.

In this post, I suggest that earning yourself a snazzy Lancaster city bumper sticker is a great way to help strengthen your community while you’re online. This series has included recent posts about sharing the link love, inspiring others to buy local, and making a list.

Today’s opportunity is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That is, it’s something you can do online because I’m saying here that it’s something you can do online.

Do you love being a Lancaster city resident? If so, this is your opportunity to

Show your local pride with a bumper sticker

Through a strange course of events, I have come into possession of the last known stash of “I ♥ City Life” bumper stickers for Lancaster, PA.

I heart city life - Lancaster, PennsylvaniaAnd what better time to display a bright, crisp new glee-clubish bumper sticker than right now, when your Obama/McCain one is faded and ready to fall off, and before you slap on a “Die, Specter, Die” or “Toomey is not cool To Me” one.

“How do I get such a thing from behind the comfort of my keyboard?” you may ask. All you have to do is put into practice two ideas from this series and tell me about it, and I’ll get one to you. I’ll hand it to you in person, or mail it to you, or stick it on your bumper myself. Whatever works.

To all you haters out there who are too good for the “I Love City Life” bumper stickers, I issue this alternate challenge of a resolution:

Design your own bit of local pride propoganda

Make your own bumper sticker, T-shirt, or lunch pail, and put it up for sale, or find a way to give them away.

Bonus points if what you create has some sort of Web address on it, just to keep this whole thing coming back full circle to helping our local community while online.

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